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DUBAI FLAMINGO FI LM FZ-LLC was established in 2014 and registered in Dubai Media City. Prior to its establishment, it was mainly a production and exchange program center of China Arab TV; by purchasing and selling for China Arab TV. In 2017, FLAMINGO started its independent operation. Since then, the activities changed to film distribution and event management and talents broker.

FLAMINGO is the one and only Media Company that is solely established and managed by Chinese and Emirati. It’s business consists of translating and publishing for Chinese film and television industry. With rapid development in recent years, FLAMINGO has signed and established strategic partnerships with many film companies in China. In the meantime, contacts and partnerships were built with many cinemas in the Middle East. As FLAMINGO continues to enhance its translation and dubbing capacity, it’s our belief that in the near future, more and more of China’s excellent films will enter other countries in the Middle East. The Middle East will be enhanced to further understand China and Chinese culture. The China-Arab relationship and friendship will continue to flourish and blossom!

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Address Office 907, DSC Tower, Studio City, Dubai, U.A.E

Web www.flamingo-film.com


Film distribution Dept. 200699100@qq.com

Social   media     Dept. 65708099@qq.com


CEO Wechat liu56575859

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